Thank you to all of the customers feeding our Summer Crop for the upcoming majors this winter and spring! Don't forget about our upcoming litters in December and Febuary! They are perfect for June, July, and August Shows!

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Before you make the barrow, you have to make the sow. That is the motto here at West Texas Genetics, because every great barrow/boar that there has ever been has had a great set of females to back him up. As we have developed a 50 sow operation and boar stud, the primary focus has been on skeletal correctness. Without this, you will not succeed in the business, at least not for long. At times, there is an absence of this criterion and that is constantly addressed by the breeders, boar studs, teachers, agents, and families together. The only way to improve the animal in the ring is to better educate the minds of the young that will eventually be the breeders, judges, and teachers. The sow herd consists of Duroc, Spot, Chester, Hampshire, Yorkshire and Crossbred hogs.

The focal point of the boar stud is to have the luxury of a complete set of sires to best service the sows found in San Angelo, Texas. At the same time, there are very many good boars with excellent features that leave shows never to be heard of again. As the genetic pools that we have to choose from continue to lessen, I would like to provide a money efficient service to the public by keeping some of these guys around, and broaden that blood.

There is a time to line breed, and a need for new genetics in the sow families. Here, we use our knowledge to properly mate these females for your benefit and ours in both the purebred and showpig industries. We look forward to your future business, friendships, and success. Best of Luck!